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Over the past twenty years, there have been significant ongoing changes in the rail industry. Rail Safeworking Solutions (SWS) found a niche offering a premium service, nearly lost in the privatisation process, built on the experience and contacts of dedicated staff. We have demonstrated the capacity to operate as effective team members, often under the most difficult and challenging circumstances proving to be of great value on most of the construction and maintenance activities, on the Suburban and Regional Victorian rail network since 1998.



We are your ONE STOP SHOP for all your Train Track Safety Needs:

Track Force Protection & Rail Project Management.


  1. L2.1 & L2.2 Flagman

  2. L3.1, L3.2 & L3.3 Supervisors

  3. L5 Competent Employees

  4. TVO Operators

  5. P.T.W. (Permit to Work Near)

  6. Constant supply of Point clips, Limit Boards, Stop Boards

  7. Gangers

  8. ABS

  9. Drug and Alcohol Assessors

  10. Infield evidence, assisting to book your safe working courses

  11. Assistance with RIW card application and processes

  12. On Track Protection Plans & Approvals


South Australia

  1. ARTC / NCOP / GNW

  2. Level 1 TFPC / Train Running Information

  3. Level 2 TFPC / Track Occupancy Authority

  4. Level 3 TFPC / Track Working Authority

  5. Level 4 TFPC / Local Possession



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We provide clients with a safe & efficient work environment, on rail reserves, with minimal disruption to the rail network.

Plans and Approvals

We listen to your needs and budget constraints and design the best possible plan. We prefer to work closely with the relevant Manager of Rail Safety or regulating authority and provide the best value for the project.

Implementation, Monitoring & Review

We plan the Implementation, Monitoring and Review process for working on the Rail Passage. Our skills allow minimal disruption to the rail network, while allowing you to get the job done promptly, cost effectively and 100% safely.

Training in Rail Safety

Track Awareness Training
Rail SWS provide assistance with Rail Industry Worker (RIW) cards, rail induction training, helping book your Level 1 courses, and industry specific support for all your rail training needs. Our team also provide infield experience, evidence and mentoring shifts to ensure you are fully aware when entering the corridor. SWS are so dedicated to the task, that they have over the years won the trust of all concerned!


Safeworking Solutions (SWS) Training facility is established at a convenient location in the heart of Ringwood. Rail SWS will push you in the right direction and help you organise all your rail training courses. Our team provide an added in-depth experience and are fully dedicated to help get your company and/or employees up to scratch to enter the rail corridor. We can help get you into class sizes up to 20 and best of all, we can organise your bookings straight away. We will endeavour to provide all the information you require and will always promptly respond. We also assist in arranging RIW cards and making the process as painless as possible!

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At Rail SWS, our mission is to be the 1st choice Safeworking and service provider to the rail industry.

We intend to achieve this by:

  • Understanding and meeting our Clients needs & exceeding their expectations where possible.

  • Being a responsive, action oriented and dynamic organisation in all unforeseen circumstances.

  • By ensuring our Personnel are provided with up-to date competencies and training programs in order to deliver Industry best practice results.

  • Being the employer of choice for our people by providing an environment of industrial stability and personal growth.

  • Operating a safe and efficient organization focused on continual improvement whilst operating an ethical and financially stable organization.



Rail SWS focus heavily on employing people from all backgrounds. We have specific measures in place for indigenous recruitment, people unemployed above the age of 50 and redundant workers, along with many others. Since 2016, Rail SWS have employed more than 25 staff from disadvantaged backgrounds, in particular workers made redundant from the Automotive Industry.

Please see a short story from the Ford Transition Project below:

New ‘SafeWorking Solutions’ for Ex Ford

Ever wonder who keeps all those rail construction workers safe with all the new railway improvements and level crossing removals going on?
Safeworking Solutions is a key provider of these rail safety services and have already taken on five ex-Ford workers, with another five also on the way.
When asked, “Why take on ex-Ford  workers,” Jamie Talbot from Rail SWS stated, “Well their previous commitment and long history with a quality company like  Ford was a good start. Then when we interviewed them we got a picture of their demonstrated team-work and commitment which is ideal for our work environment. They also provide a fresh approach to our industry.” 
Jamie also pointed out there is some specialised safety training involved in getting qualified for the work. “Clearly the training funding from ASA and the further support from the Job Actives with these costs and the PPE (personal protective equipment) has also been a big help for a lot of the guys to transition into this field.”
Jamie reports the employees already onsite have settled in well, learning and also going through additional training soon. They are eager to learn and are performing well on site and setting a fantastic example, with one promotion into a new role within a few months of employment! Feedback from other Rail SWS workers has been most positive. “They are reliable, punctual and committed workers - just like the classic ford cars!"
The ex-Ford guys themselves have said they loved being challenged and learning new roles. They are also getting used to the casual mode of work, but are enjoying the excellent pay rates at the same time! With so many new projects in rail about to kick off, these guys will be in an excellent position to reap the rewards of the investment in time and training they have put in.
Another great example of a quality company recognising the strong transferable skills across safety, work ethic and reliability of the ex-Ford workers. Many thanks to Jamie and Jim Talbot and the team at Safe Working Solutions!

A group of redundant workers from Ford, fresh after completing their safe working training with Rail SWS.  Photo featuring Romney Talbot, taken at Metro Academy.

A group of redundant workers from Ford, fresh after completing their safe working training with Rail SWS. Photo featuring Romney Talbot, taken at Metro Academy.

The ex-Ford team celebrating with Jim Talbot at the Rail SWS Christmas party. The team have settled in nicely!

The ex-Ford team celebrating with Jim Talbot at the Rail SWS Christmas party. The team have settled in nicely!


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Jim Talbot

From working in the field, to opening Rail SWS in 1997, Jim has represented all clients large and small for nearly 40 years. Jim continues to provide the same dedication to all his clients as to when he first started. Practicing since it was all public, Jim has hands-on experience with how rail works. Staying ahead of the industry's frequent changes is Jim's sixth sense.



Hull University
Masters of Business Administration (MBA), 1997

Monash University
Masters of Counselling, 2016-17

Monash University
Grad Dip., Psychology , 2014-15



Activities & Affiliations

• Psychology Association, Member