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When we design a work method safety plan for your particular work activity, there will be no surprises, it will work as we have described. We realise that time is critical, and we ensure all safety measures are in place to allow your works to run risk free.

Don't learn about the traps of working in the rail environment by making devastatingly expensive mistakes on your project. The wrong Safeworking plan or implementation can cause headaches you could never dream of. Take advantage of our friendly and open discussion at the tender stage, our experience in planning and our proven competence and reputation while implementing your project.

We are your ONE STOP SHOP for all your Train Track Safety Needs:

Track Force Protection & Rail Project Management.


  1. L2.1 & L2.2 Flagman
  2. L3.1, L3.2 & L3.3 Supervisors
  3. L5 Competent Employees
  4. TVO Operators
  5. P.T.W. (Permit to Work)
  6. Gangers
  7. ABS
  8. On Track Protection Plans & Approvals

    South Australia

    1. ARTC / NCOP / GNW
    2. Level 1 TFPC / Train Running Information
    3. Level 2 TFPC / Track Occupancy Authority
    4. Level 3 TFPC / Track Working Authority
    5. Level 4 TFPC / Local Possession 

    New South Wales

    1. Labourers
    2. PO 1
    3. PO 2 Machine Operators
    4. PO 3 TMO, Supervisor / Operator
    5. PO 4
    6. L1/2 Track Certifier
    7. S/W L1-2 TMO Rail Safety Consultant

    Ask around, we stand by our achievements.

     SWS team at the forefront of Victoria's North East Program Alliance (NEPA).  Photo taken near Grange rd., Alphington.

    SWS team at the forefront of Victoria's North East Program Alliance (NEPA). Photo taken near Grange rd., Alphington.

     SWS running the commissioning occupation for Noble Park, Caulfield To Dandenong (CTD) works.  Photo taken from up near the new Noble Park station.

    SWS running the commissioning occupation for Noble Park, Caulfield To Dandenong (CTD) works. Photo taken from up near the new Noble Park station.

     SWS managing day works with live train running between Hughesdale and Murumbeena.  Photo taken near Poath Rd. Hughesdale.

    SWS managing day works with live train running between Hughesdale and Murumbeena. Photo taken near Poath Rd. Hughesdale.



    North east project alliance (NEPA)

    2017 - Present

    The North East Project Alliance (NEPA) was established to remove four level crossings.

    The alliance members are Laing O'Rourke, Fulton Hogan, Jacobs, Metro Trains Melbourne and the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA). The program alliance is an innovative approach to alliance contracting developed by LXRA to expedite the removal of 50 level crossings in metropolitan Melbourne over an eight year period. Safeworking Solutions (SWS) has been a key part of this process, having been selected as the premium safe working provider for this alliance and to be the sole safe working provider for the NEPA project.

    SWS is coordinating and organising all safe working for NEPA, and will continue to see out the project to remove numerous level crossings and also over see the duplication of track between Heidelberg and Rosanna.

    Hurstbridge / Brown st.jpg

    Ballarat line upgrade (BLU)

    2017 - Present

    The Australian and Victorian governments, along with the rail expertise from Safeworking Solutions, are upgrading the Ballarat line to deliver more trains and improve reliability for Melbourne's outer western suburbs, Melton, Bacchus Marsh, Ballan and Ballarat. The project will enable much needed extra services in the morning and afternoon peak, plus a train every 40 minutes off-peak for these growing communities. SWS has been planning and overseeing construction that started in October 2017, planning and arranging for new upgrades to stations and upcoming track duplication. Safeworking Solutions will over see the project that is expected to be completed by late 2019.


    Caulfield to Dandenong (CTD)

    2016 - Present

    Caulfield to Dandenong (CTD) Level Crossing Removal Project is removing nine level crossings and rebuilding five stations. The Cranbourne-Pakenham train line is Melbourne's busiest and is crossed by some of our most congested roads, with boom gates down for up to 82 minutes during the morning peak. Rail safe working is an absolutely critical component during construction, and SWS has been at the forefront since its initial stages. SWS have prevented major delays to both road and rail traffic, through co-ordinating safe working as efficiently and safely as possible.

    With innovative safe working controls, SWS have been protecting and managing the safe working arrangements for a high level alliance that includes Lendlease, CPB Contractors, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, Aurecon and Metro Trains Melbourne. SWS are the sole provider of safe working for the project, perhaps the biggest project in Victorian state history. SWS will also be planning and organising critical work to upgrade signalling and power infrastructure along the entire Cranbourne and Pakenham lines, in preparation for the introduction of High Capacity Metro Trains.

    SWS have delivered fantastic results in working with different construction methodologies through different sections of the rail corridor.


    Murray Basin Rail Project

    The $440 million Murray Basin Rail Project will deliver important upgrades to our rail freight network to meet increasing demand for freight services. SWS will be at the forefront of this project from start to finish. The project will drive economic growth, create more jobs in regional safe working and provide a major boost to the rail industry.

    It will play an important role in supporting freight mode shift from road to rail, removing around 20,000 truck trips from our roads to the ports and improving safety for regional communities. The project involves standardising the rail freight lines servicing the Murray Basin region in the north-west of Victoria. The project will also increase axle loading on these lines from 19 tonnes to 21 tonnes. SWS will oversee the delivery of these and ensure all are completed timely and safely. These improvements will mean the freight industry in the Murray Basin region will be able to deliver exports to Victoria's ports for export in a more efficient and competitive way as logistics costs are reduced.

    The Murray Basin Rail Project is being delivered by V/Line, with SWS as the preffered supplier. To find out more about the Murray Basin Rail Project visit the project page on the V/Line website.

    Murray Basin works.jpg

    Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (mmra) mETRO TUNNEL

    2017 - Present

    Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) is the Victorian Government body responsible for delivery of the Metro Tunnel and the Ballarat Line Upgrade.

    MMRA is responsible for all aspects of the projects including planning and development of a project reference design, site investigations, stakeholder engagement, planning approvals and procurement, through to construction delivery and project commissioning. For this reason, SWS have a close partnership with MMRA and are the preferred safe working provider on site.

    By taking our busiest train lines through a new tunnel under the city, the Metro Tunnel will free up space in the City Loop to run more trains in and out of the city. That means more trains, more often across Victoria, with a less crowded and more reliable train network. To get this delivered, SWS have to coordinate all rail movements and safe working protocols throughout the delivery of works.

    Delivering projects of the scale and complexity of the Metro Tunnel and the Ballarat Line Upgrade requires a blend of public sector and private sector experience and MMRA is utilising both employees and contractors, with support from Safeworking Solutions to get the best outcome.


    CityLink Tulla Widening project (CTW)

    2017 - Present

    CPB Contractors is delivering works on CityLink between Bulla Road and Power Street. These works commenced in October 2015 and are expected to be completed in early 2018. During construction, disruptions to rail will be managed and coordinated by Safeworking Solutions. These disruptions will come in the way of crane lifts, concrete pours, foundation works and so on.

    The CityLink Tulla Widening project involves adding new lanes and other measures to improve traffic flow across 24 kilometres of freeway between the CityLink tunnels and Melbourne Airport. The project will cover certain areas of rail in the areas between the Melbourne Airport and Power Street during peak periods.

    Lift for CTW.png

    Rail safety is no accident
    — Jim Talbot (Ceo)


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